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We Sell Firearms To Out Of State Customers - Using “Dealer - to - Dealer” Transfer.


All other items shipped direct to customer.


Take Advantage Of Our Elite Member Pricing and Professional Services and Save $$$.

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We are seasoned professionals in the firearms industry and you are no longer stuck with going to a big box store where the person behind the counter knows little to nothing about firearms or practical applications for competition shooting, personal protection, target or recreational shooting or hunting. Now you can deal with people who know. People who have lived, eaten and breathed guns for decades. People that know - people that care that what you buy is right for you.

No matter what the firearm, accessory or shooter’s gear you are looking for - we can provide you with expert knowledge and advice, recommendations and suggestions to ensure you get what you want and what you want fits your needs. Best of all - we can do this at the most competitive price in the industry with our Elite Members Pricing.

“Professional Choice” is our personal recommendation based on our years of hands on experience and expertise using these products - for the “best of the best” - in each product category or class. The best model to fit your needs from the best selection of manufacturers.


We Sell Include: